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Where are MORO TRAN products made?

Our products are all prototyped, patterned, engineered, and crafted in New York City.

Why made in NYC?

We are proud to support local factories and vendors. It is important for us to be able to work with neighboring businesses. We take pride in having products made in America and in our city of New York.

Where do our leathers come from?

We purchase our leathers through well-established vendors who source leathers from reputable tanneries from Italy and America.


Why does the leather feel so good?

The leathers selected are aniline dyed. Aniline means that the leather is of such high quality that there is no pigment or pore clogging chemicals to enhance the smoothness of the leather. By having a more "naked" leather, the feel and suppleness of the leather comes through.

Our suede is a short-haired Italian suede- a high quality suede that creates tonal shade and texture on the bag.

What makes the interior unique?

Ever wonder why some bags outlast others, or feel more luxurious? When you open our signature handbag, you will notice that the flap is fully lined in leather, as well as the collars on each pocket. This will not only keep your bag looking clean and sophisticated, but also make it more durable – especially in the areas that require the most protection from everyday use. Our bags have 3 divider pockets, a zipper pocket and a back pocket, ensuring that the inside is just as streamlined as the outside. An organized bag is a useful bag.

What is our lining material and where is it made?

We use a cotton sateen lining, woven and printed in Italy. We create our prints in NYC through local digital printers and then send our finalized swatches to Italy where the artisans match our colors and pattern into the lining.


What makes your hardware special?

The designers: Kim and Linda pay special attention to the quality and the individuality of each piece. This duo used industrial and jewelry techniques to hand cut the locks out of solid pieces of metal. The majority of the custom hardware is cut in this fashion. This set of hardware is reflected in the first edition set of handbags.

Solid metal: Aeronautic and automotive parts have many moving parts that require durability and sustainability. These parts are made from solid pieces of metal carved out into a finalized shape. Casting can result in a more porous density and therefore less durable and, in a moving vehicle, unsafe.

Function and durability: Handbags may not be high speed vehicles, but the contents of a woman's bag is always high profile to us. Every lock is made and assembled by the designers to ensure they are durable and high functioning.


How to care for your Handbags?

Leather: Use a leather cleaner/moisturizer on a cotton cloth (or an old white t-shirt) and wipe down the leather. Test on a hidden area of leather to ensure the cleaner is safe to use all over bag.

Suede: Use a suede brush or suede eraser to spot clean the suede. Do not try to use soaps or any residue-leaving cleanser. Oddly enough, a brush or suede eraser will do the trick.

Lining: Only spot clean the cotton with soap and water to ensure the rest of the bag does not get wet.

Hardware: The hardware is raw, solid brass, meaning it will have a beautiful natural patina over time. However, similar to silver jewelry, you can get a cloth for brass and wipe down your hardware. You can also take it to a specialist/cobbler/artisan to clean it for you.







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