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Working Hard on Hardware

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Moro Tran Hardware

Take a sneak peek into how Linda and I create our custom one of a kind hardware pieces. 

Scroll through to check out some of the processes in which our hardware pieces are made! 

Linda and me checking the fit on components of the lock.

Me and Linda shopping for brass. 

Fly cutter. A very reliable machine. Cutting each foot individually from solid brass.

Action shot! Linda lowering the cutter to safely cut each piece incrementally, while wearing the coolest safety glasses ever :)

Me removing a completed piece to get started on the next! My hair is going crazy. We take shifts :)

Beautiful metal rods to choose from. Each piece is cut to size and carved into shape through the CNC machines.

Filing and polishing hardware. Elves in a workshop!

Linda in a 70's elevator. Just a cute pic on the way up for a meeting.

Lock pieces we assembled that are ready to be placed into our bags.

We have so much to share. This is only the beginning. Please come check back soon for new posts and information on our handbags :) 


Kim and Linda

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