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Totes Sketching

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Hi Friends!

We are working on some new styles! Something durable and good for work/play…

Linda and I wanted to do something versatile and useful.

We need totes to carry everything allover NYC, and we figured you might too! 

Give us your thoughts! Would love to hear from you :)

My sketchbook. Still tweaking the details and brainstorming the ideas on paper.

Come back next week for more or our design process! 

<3 Kim

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Flying with Aurum

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The girl with bag

Our girl Julia, hanging out with bags. Scroll down to check out of some of the cool shots we took!Thanks for stopping by again, this week! Thank you Julia for looking super amazing and being besties with our bags!<3 Kim

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Launch time

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Working Hard on Hardware

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Bag as Model

Friend and awesome photographer, Craig Sugimoto, handling the models with care!Early morning photo session with our friends in the Chelsea studio. We were able to take special care in curating the photoshoot to allow all our friends to see all the details of our special bags :)Check out the photos of us on set with [...]

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